Why Search Engine Reputation Management is Different than SEO

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What role does ORM play in digital marketing? What is the difference between SEO & ORM?  S.E.O. stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. O.R.M. stands for “Online Reputation Management”.


It is sometimes referred to as Search Engine Reputation Management. SEO generally aims to improve a website’s ranking for product- or service-related searches. ORM employs SEO and other techniques to enhance a brand’s image. Both are subsets in online marketing.


Companies and individuals have used search engine optimization (SEO), techniques for over two decades to increase their search engine page ranks. It became evident that the best place for your website to appear was on page one in the late 1990s. This led to the ever-expanding battle for page rankings. This war is ongoing today and affects both online and offline businesses.


SEO is so important that many online marketing campaigns are focused on improving page rankings for targeted keywords. While this is an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle it is not sufficient. Strong SEO and ORM techniques are essential to make lasting changes in the way your company or you look online.


What’s online reputation management?


Online reputation management can improve the online image of brands. It can improve rankings, ratings and search profiles as well as social media and websites. By getting more mentions and press online, a company or person will be able to get better rankings and reputation. Sometimes, reputation management is also known as SEO reputation management.


ORM = Many websites. There are fewer branded search terms.


Many techniques are used by ORM companies to accomplish their goals. SEO (search engine optimization) is one of these techniques. They also engage in SEO alongside other disciplines like web analytics, web design, content development and online public relations.


ORM offers many benefits beyond just search results.


  • Higher trust. A brand or person with a strong reputation is more trusted.


  • Profits increase. High star ratings and reviews lead to more business.


  • Better talent. Positive reputations are better for employees.


  • There is less risk. People move in groups. It’s the “broken windows theory” of reputation management.


  • Gentler treatment. Companies with the same core values of their clients are more likely to overcome a reputation problem than those without. Apple Computer vs. Monsanto


What is SEO?


There are many factors that affect it. However, search engine optimization can increase a page’s visibility and rank. This will place the page at top of search results, which is the Holy Grail, the first page.


SEO = One website. Many search terms.


SEO is not only a tool that good reputation firms use, but it is also the name for an entire discipline that focuses on getting websites to rank higher in search results. This is often done commercially.


Ever-changing SEO techniques


Search engine companies and internet users are constantly changing their SEO methods. It’s like a game of keep-away. Search Engine Reputation Management Companies are the monkeys at the center, keeping an eye on both the internet marketers and search engine companies, and catching any hints that may be missed. Over time patterns emerge.


Google updates its algorithms between 500-600 times per year. Major changes are interspersed throughout the years to make this a more exciting game. SEO professionals are able to identify key elements of these algorithms and use them for website creation and maintenance.


Google’s “Helpful Content” update will be released this week. It will shake up the entire SEO industry.


These are only a few of these main strategies that experts use.


On-site optimization


The HTML of the page is a good place to start SEO. To make modifications to the browser’s markup language, you don’t need to be a web designer. You can improve the rank of your HTML page by adding meta descriptions and titles to your pages, as well as header tags at different levels and using internal links.


Content (still) is queen


Simply put, the higher quality content you have that is related to your niche, the greater your chances of landing a page in the top search results, especially for long-tail terms. This is combined with the fact that you have more chances to keep your visitors browsing your site and more content, making it even more important to maintain a steady supply of quality content online.


Offsite optimization or link-building


Link building is the process of getting other trusted sites to link to your site. This is best done organically. It is ethical to obtain a link organically, at the will of the person linking it. This is considered more valuable and of higher quality for search engines. Google simply thinks that if trusted sites find anything of value on your website, Google will say, “Hey! You must have something positive here.


Online Reputation Management SEO practices


An online reputation management company that is well-respected uses SEO and other techniques to maintain or create a positive image for a company, brand, or individual.


Positive content is key to a reputation campaign and much of the work involved with Search Engine Reputation Management. These companies can create tons of great content and post it on their website, blog, social media and any other sites that are relevant to the company. The reputation company then pushes positive content up the search results pages using the various SEO tactics.


A Search Engine Reputation Management company can help a company get back on its feet if it has suffered from PR issues or past events. A company that manages online reputation can help to highlight all the positive aspects of the company and brand through SEO.


The most important thing to keep an eye on


Search Engine Reputation Management companies are not known to do SEO, at least in our research over the past ten year. It’s costly and customers usually can’t tell that it’s not being done. SEO is a crucial part of a Search Engine Reputation Management campaign. SEO helps search results last longer and perform better. Look elsewhere if an ORM agency doesn’t back their work up with genuine, honest-to-goodness SEO.

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